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My Thoughts On The Dark Knight Rises

How many great third movies are there in trilogies? Only a few spring to mind, and all of them have gone down as legendary in film. Star Wars, Indiana Jones and Lord Of The Rings are some of the few that have succeeded in telling a full, thought provoking and interesting story over three movies. There is a new trilogy in town that stands among the best of them, and it’s name is Batman.

Until I saw Pulp Fiction, The Dark Knight was my favorite movie, it was one of the first movies that genuinely blew me away with its melding of acting, directing and huge scope. It provoked me in a way that no movie had done before. I feel that way now just thinking about The Dark Knight Rises. I am proud to say that i was giddy with excitement walking into the theatre and was even more giddy leaving the theatre.

The Dark Knight Rises works great as it’s own movie (as i will elaborate below) but it works much better as the conclusion to a trilogy. Themes and ideas that were set in Batman Begins pay off in huge ways, interactions between characters carry so much meaning as the history between them is so clear. These Batman movies are so different from anything that has come before not just because of the realism or the scope. They excel because  they answer the question of what Batman truly is, what it means to be Batman, and what the real purpose of Batman is. 

As a film by itself, The Dark Knight Rises is undeniably epic, the way that old blockbusters used to be epic, the sheer scale, the number of extras, the Bat. This movie is big in a summer where big is the norm. In my opinion the size and spectacle of the action match and even beat the pure amazingness that is the last half hour of The Avengers. 

Everything has been stepped up in this final installment, the sets are larger, the music is bigger, and the performances have never been better. This is a movie with a large amount of characters, almost all the characters from the previous film are back, while many new characters have been added, yet Christopher Nolan manages to keep everything understandable. There is no character overload as each character is necessary to the story in some way.

I’ll talk about each of the actors in separate bullet points 

  • Tom Hardy gives a magnificent physical and vocal performance as Bane, the character has been modified heavily from the comics to fit the realistic vision of Nolan’s universe. Luckily, none of the key parts of his character have been lost in the translation. Bane is a man leading a revolution by force, and Tom Hardy gives a performance that will be remembered.
  • Joseph Gordon Levitt plays John Blake, a new rookie on the Gotham police force who is many times referred to as a “Hothead” Levitt plays this character as an idealistic believer in the Batman, his journey over the course of the film is staggering to watch and the final discovery of who his character truly is will send many fanboys spines tingling. 
  • Anne Hathaway plays Selina Kyle, or as many may know her, Catwoman. This is the highlight performance of the film, without a doubt, Hathaway takes a character almost as iconic as Batman and shapes her into a character that is fully formed, she has all the elements that Catwoman requires, the sly playfulness is out in spades, while giving her a realistic background. This is a thief, not a vigilante, she has no interest in helping Batman save the city, all she would like to do is save her own skin.
  • Christian Bale returns as Bruce Wayne/Batman in his best outing to date. This film is far more focused on Bruce than The Dark Knight was, his story comes to a definite conclusion with this and I truly feel that no one could have been a better Batman than Bale. 

The Dark Knight Rises was all that I wanted out of not only the Batman trilogy but just any movie in general and I have no problem at all in giving it this blog’s first 10 out of 10


A Few Thoughts On Marvel NOW


Marvel has just announced it’s new initiative to relaunch many of their comics and hopefully draw in new readers. They will relaunch at least one comic each month from  October to February of next year. It’s called Marvel NOW and overall I’m very conflicted. I thought I would talk about the comics they have announced individually and then talk about what I think of the idea in general.

Uncanny Avengers: This is the big flagship comic from Marvel and will be the first comic to be sold. It will feature big characters from both the Avengers and the X-Men fighting the Red Skull. If the creative team for this series hadn’t been announced, I think this comic would’ve been met with far more outrage than it currently is, not to say there isn’t outrage on the internet about this. What gives me hope in this comic is that it is written by Rick Remender and drawn by John Cassaday. Remender writes one of my favorite books, Uncanny X-Force, right now so I do have faith in him as well as his artist, John Cassaday, who drew Astonishing X-Men, my favorite X-Men series. To me, this really depends on the story inside and if they can keep it interesting. With Remender on this book is sure to have great, 3 dimensional characters and interesting, weird stories so I will definitely at least be trying this out.

All New X-Men: First of all I think this is an ironic title as the plot of this “New X-Men” book stars the Original Five X-Men: Power Girl (Jean Grey), Cyclops, Beast, Angel, and Iceman, coming from around the time was originated, (probably not the 60’s. More likely the ‘80s or 90’s) seeing how the present turned out and trying to change it. To me this feels very weak and a very slippery slope to walk on for writer Brian Bendis. A big selling point is that with this comic brings the return of Jean Grey to Marvel, as she has been dead for a little under a decade. Overall I am not planning on picking up this title when it is released, I assume that if it ends up being good word of mouth will spread, then I’ll pick it up.

The Avengers: Right now this title is being marketed almost entirely by name recognition and it’s writer, Jonathan Hickman. Hickman is known for his current run of Fantastic Four, he has been writing for a couple of years now to huge critical acclaim. I started reading comics too late to get into the run as he seems to be ending it now anyways. If this title brings the same level of plotting, character development, and epic payoff that his Fantastic Four run is so well know for, he can consider my money his.

Overall, anyone could make the connection that this is a reaction do DC’s New 52, but honestly as someone that got into monthly comics about a year ago, I very much like this idea, it would finally allow me to start buying the comics of so many of the heroes and creators that I love so very much. Right now we hardly know anything about this new initiative other than these 3 comics, I am sure we will learn all of the secrets next week at comic con.

Chicago nights

Hey Aaron here. In chicago with the boys writing froms Ben’s iphone. Its pretty outside. I like it. Sorry for the short post but yeah stuff to do. Bibi

Finals part two

boo hoo I miss three dog

Hey Its the A-Man. Well crud. I should study. I just cant seem to commit though. I’ve been playing SO MUCH FALLOUT. Fallout 3, Fallout New Vegas all that good stuff. So yeah Im gonna attempt math now. Oh yeah new podcast gonna be up soon and ROCKUMENTARY.



Finals-Part 1

This the weekend folks, the weekend jam-freaking packed with learning all that we can possibly learn in the shortest ammount of time. I am talking about finals.

I know, overdone

Finals has always been a traumatic time for me as i don’t consider myself the best at studying. It combines two of my least favorite things: Sitting and Focusing. So here i am. Not studdying and instead writing this article. Something tells me that this is only going to get worse from here on in.

I’m Scared


The Axis Of Awesome

The Axis Of Awesome is an Australian band that specializes in comedy. In a word-They Are Hilarious.

They cover evreything from Harry Potter to Transvestites to what to do when a guy cries. They are pretty damn great and i want all of you to experience them.

“Potter has seen the snitch, Potter is chasing the snitch, Potter Has The Snitch! GRyFFINDOR HAS WON THE QUIDDITCH CUP!!!”

Till Then-


P.S.-10 points to hufflepuff

In a time focused on sadness and depression, when terror is all thats on the news, hate roams free, and we can’t escape the depression of media we must not forget the happy. Go outside, breathe air, live, love, laugh all that good stuff. No this isnt some chain mail and no one has hacked into this account. I was just watching this video and thinking ” Damn we focus too much on the bad and not about the good” This town came together to make a damn good music video and for that I say thank you Grand Rapids

– Aaron

Pleased to meet you

Hello wordpress!

My name is Danny and I am part of the main cast of Batix Productions, but you probably knew that already. Contrary to Ben’s belief that I am some sort of plumber, I am actually so much more. I hope to post some more things later to show you guys how.


  1. He rocks at guitar: the last minute)
  2. He can do an awesome robot impression:
  3. He is hilarious:
I hope you guys and mostly Ben have learned something today.
Until next time- But Just So Everyone Knows, Ben Is Super Cool And Balls-Tastic (Edited By Ben)
Danny Time Danny Time Danny Time


Failure comes in all forms, to some, it comes in large, boisterous fashion. Like someone running into a vat of tar and then running into a box of chicken feathers.

Like so

For some of us it happens in smaller fashion. Such as this—

Yes, I, who you once thought of as an indestructible man, was stopped by my mortal enemy…






Failure is hard, it hits us when we dont want to be hit. It can affect us in a number of ways. For me, I was shamed, This showing of weakness had caught me off guard, i was not prepared to face the music in front of my friends, so i did what any sensible person would do…




I did it again

After being shamed a second time i realized that maybe there was a lesson here after all, we all have our days where we take a running jump, hope for the best, and fall flat on our backs. And those days suck, but they happen. And they happen becuase they make the days where we jump, fly, and stick the landing that much better. It is better to have tried, failed, tried again, failed again, and then suceeed than to never try at all.

If any of you are still reading this thank you for learning a life lesson with me. This is what i would like this blog to be, a place where people come to express their thoughts in a public setting. A multiple person journal of sorts, while still being a great place to show all the new Batix videos, podcasts, and anything else.

Till Then-


Hello world!

It’s the beginning of something new here at Batix as we announce our wordpress debut. expect to see much from us in the coming weeks as we start to fill this blog to the brim!

Till’ Then


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